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Don't be fooled by the appearance of this machine it's functionalities are as great as a normal VoIP GW. The JCT GW combine many features available only in higher density more expensive gateways.
With Easy configuration and installation this GW could be your telephone box. With G.729, and G.723 voice compression codecs, These GW are equipped to handle varying degrees of bandwidth traffic while maintaining superior voice quality. This small and tactical unit only needs power and a Internet connection to bring you an excellent voice quality phone line into your home while your online Browsing.
This it is the product that you have been waiting for; with only a small monthly fee, you will be able to talk with your family 24 hours of the day the 30 days of the month. With this product is you will have your family closer to you, in addition this is a product that can travel with you to any part of the world, if you go on a trip you will be able to have the same telephone number as if you were in your country.
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Announces PIN FREE product. Have you ever wanted to call your families out of the USA from the comfort of your home? but you've had to get up and go to the gas station and buy a calling card and even look for the ones that actually work and give you better quality and won't have hidden charges?. Well we have this possibility. With PINFREE you can call from your home or cell phone to anywhere in the world with our access numbers and a prepaid amount.
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